Kimball Junction, Park City, Utah

From Vision to Reality. 

We can meet all of  your needs from planning and surveying, design to bid, from governmental approval to construction and finally to ribbon cutting, AWA is the firm you can count on from vision to reality!  We provide an unprecedented level of client service which is the foundation our company was built on over 55 years ago.



AWA’s Core Concepts Are:

  • To provide unique solutions that make the Client’s projects better and their life easier

  • To be not only engineers, surveyors and planners, but true development consultant

  • To be a trusted client ally, partner, and development consultant through five-star client service

  • To share our passion for real estate, and making something from nothing


Who We Are

AWA is dedicated to providing a full service team of professionals to take your project from vision to reality.

AWA prides itself on consulting with all facets of our clients projects. From understanding our clients business model, putting our team of consultants in the owner’s shoes to ensure that our team considers the owners best interest and ability to increase their project ROI. Each project will be assigned oversight from a company principal to ensure quality control and project vision.

AWA is committed to provide each project the necessary manpower and focus to bring your project to completion on time and within budget.

Key Staff

What We Do

Our first job is to make sure the project is engineered correctly for the location and design. We look at every aspect and work hand in hand with the developer, architect, contractors and local government. We always have an eye out for measures to improve the return on investment for the owners and reduce risks. 

We can help you from start to finish on your development in a variety of areas that effect the bottom line, or we can focus on a single aspect. It’s up to you how you work with us. 

Our Services:

Our Projects

Our knowledge of real estate and construction has allowed us to enjoy many successful projects. Traveling throughout the Western United States, one would see many AWA projects in a great variety and scope. AWA has completed successful projects in approximately throughout 13 states. No matter the type of project or geographic location, we have a record of providing the necessary support to our clients with the highest standard of work and service.  Our projects are carefully assessed and managed, from plans to ribbon cutting.

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